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Sticks Catalog

At Artcraft, we have over 10 years of experience working with both our customers & the Sticks Artisans to help you obtain the perfect Sticks Table, Mirror, Bed, Lazy Susan, Perpetual Calendar, or completely custom installation piece.  Unfortunately, we no longer sell Sticks on our website. Our gallery staff would love to help. Contact us at or call 800.880.8348 for help with ANY of your Sticks needs. Check out our Sticks Personalized Design Center to learn how you can design your own amazing pieces.

Beautiful Hand-Painted Furniture

Nothing quite compares to the charm of Sticks furniture’s unique and vibrant art. The playful style adds a new dimension of color and personality to any room without the use of overly bold colors or distracting patterns. Whimsical scenery, gentle landscapes, and subtle color palettes define the Sticks aesthetic. The increasing popularity of these pieces is testament to their ability to compliment a variety of styles and tastes.

American Craftsmanship and Style

The furniture built by Sticks is not only beautiful. The level of craftsmanship and quality of materials means these pieces are built to last. The distinctive style and long-lasting quality of their furniture makes Sticks Furniture instant heirlooms - symbols of you and your family to be passed along for generations. From their largest dining room tables to the most delicate workings of their clocks, every nook of these beautiful pieces has been crafted with pride by American artists.

Artcraft’s Custom Design Center

Every one of Sticks pieces is unique. Compare the same item side-by-side, and you’ll notice that the art, colors, and details are different depending on the artist who worked on the piece. For an extra level of individuality, Artcraft will work with Sticks artists to build and decorate a totally unique piece catered to your vision. Wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, and odes to your favorite season are among the various custom pieces we’ve seen pass through our doors over the years. Learn more at Artcraft’s Custom Design Center today.


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