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Cobia Small

Wooden Fish Market by Mark Gottschalk
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American Made
American Made

Cobia Small - Wooden Fish Market by Mark Gottschalk

This Cobia Small by Mark Gottschalk of The Wooden Fish Market is an amazing work of art & the perfect gift for an enviromentalist and fisherman alike!

This sculpture is made of aluminum and mahogany. The 3/16" aluminum is polished on both sides and sandwiched between two layers of African mahogany. The mahogany has been dyed with water based dyes and then finished with water based lacquer. Dyes instead of stains are used to prevent clouding the beautiful grains and patterns of the wood and to bring out the vibrant color of mahogany. The aluminum is polished to a gloss on both sides however, slight imperfections may appear on the back due to the aluminum manufacturing process. Each piece is signed and dated.

Dimensions: 25" x 13" with 3/16th" thick aluminum accents.


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