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Free Form Candles Set #16 Contrasting Set

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Barrick Design Candles
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American Made
American Made

Free Form Candles Set #16 Contrasting Set - Barrick Design Candles

These stunning Free Form #16 Candles from Barrick Design Candles have been a staff favorite for years! Barrick Candles burn as beautifully as they display; they are meant to be used an enjoyed!

Barrick has developed a blend of very high-grade, low oil content paraffin waxes that stand up to relatively high temperatures without slumping, burn cleanly, and burn for a very very long time. These waxes are significantly more expensive than the waxes found in most jar candles. The wicks used are cotton & natural fibers without any metal that are selected for their size and type for optimal burning.

Dimensions: 6 3/4", 8 1/4" & 9 3/4" tall as a set of 3 contrasting color candles.

For Contrasting color sets: Each set is composed of a light, medium and dark shade. Barrick will randomly select the combination for each set ordered. The set you receive may have a tall dark, and a short light candle in the set, or it may be a different combination such as a tall light, medium medium and short dark. Custom combinations are not available at this time.


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