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Old Vine Rectangular Dining Tables

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Wine Country Craftsman
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American Made
American Made

Old Vine Rectangular Dining Tables - Wine Country Craftsman

These Old Vine Rectangular Dining Tables by Michael Weiss & crew from Wine Country Craftsman is a different look from our circular pattern of our dining table, but gorgeous in it's own right!

This rectangle dining table is 29" High and it's base is extremely sturdy, showcasing the long grain of decades of growth that make these old vines so beautiful.

Planted by Andrew Rasmussen Sr. circa 1907 -1911, these vines provided wine for his extensive family and friends. During Prohibition, they supplied many underground pubs and bars with "grape juice" from San Francisco to San Diego. After Prohibition, he planted many more acres and started selling to the first wine makers in California helping create the wine industry as we know it today. Though their winemaking days are behind them, the distinctive character of the individual vine lasts on. Decades of careful cultivation combined with the vines' natural tendency to create their own whimsical chaos yields striking compositions.

When crafted into a table, these limbs create new shapes with every new angle, beckoning freshly in rich play of dimensions. Like a fine wine, the tables are rich, complex and always offer something new to the senses. What better way to honor your wine? Serve it on a work of art that celebrates the natural forces that created the grape.

Please note that each piece will vary somewhat from the one pictured due to the amazing character of these old vines!

Unfortunately, we can not ship glass, so glass tops are sold separately. You can easily pick up a glass table top by visiting a site like or by checking your local Yellow Pages for a glass supplier.

Dimensions: 29" High. Recommended glass top sizes: 42" x 66", 42" x 72", or 44" x 88". Recommended glass thickness 3/8"-1/2".

Have an idea for a custom piece using these fantastic recycled Old Vines? You're in luck: the Wine Country Craftsman crew LOVES doing custom pieces! Just visit our and submit your idea!


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S&H: $75.00

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