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Step 3

The final step is choosing the phrases and sayings that are incorporated into Sticks designs. You can use and adapt the Provided Standard List or you can use ones that have meaning to you. Clients often use a mix of standard sayings and personal sayings such as names, dates, poems and scripture.

We often get the question, "how many words will I need to provide?" There is no real way to tell based on how long the words are and how the spacing comes together. We recommend that you provide a long list that is ranked in order of importance. This way, if you've provided too many words, you'll be sure to have the really important ones included.

If your list is too short, you can either specify that the artist fill in based on the theme of the piece and the other words provided, or you can ask that we contact you for more sayings once we know your list is too short. Click 'Step 5' below to continue.