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Duane Scherer Hand Made Clocks

Duane Scherer


by Duane Scherer
Handcrafted in Michigan

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Duane Scherer has an extensive background in art and design. He graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit with a double major in Painting and Sculpture.

To help pay the bills as a struggling artist, Duane owned and operated his own decorative painting company. He and his crew painted everything from plain white walls to complex murals and faux finishes. The combinations of disciplines led him in 1993 to begin designing clocks.

Duane's work speaks for itself. from whimsy to elegant, fashion forward to traditional, Duane's clock design are magical and interesting. The variations of concepts are not an attempt to cover all ground, but the natural process of a curious mind and an active heart. A life long artist and musician Duane seeks but one thing, to delight and inspire. OK so two things!


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