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Heartwood Creations by Mike Fisher

Heartwood Creations


by Mike Fisher
Handcrafted in Illinois

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Over 25 years ago, Mike Fisher crafted his first "Secret Box" for a special friend. From that humble beginning, Heartwood Creations has established itself as a group of talented craftspeople from America's heartland whose products are shown in many of the finest craft shops and galleries the world over.

While our company has grown and new products have been created, the "Secret Box" remains our trademark. Each box is made from the heart. The craftspersons' mark that signifies their care and love of woodworking is the little heart that you see on every box.

As woodworkers, we depend on nature; it is imperative to give back and restore what has been used. We take this conviction very seriously.

In 1990 I made a commitment to develop a tree planting policy that would replenish trees used to make our wooden boxes. I spent many hours communicating with the people that cut trees and sell lumber, talked to non-profit organizations that protect the forests and read articles on the subject of forest management.

I decided that one proactive step to take was impose a "self tax" on the wood that we buy. Money saved for this purpose could then be placed directly into the hands of the people who devote their time to planting trees. Since 1990, we have provided funds to 5 major tree planting organizations resulting in the planting of over 100,000 trees.

The organizations we support plant 10 inch to 18 inch hardwood seedlings native to the areas being replanted. The planting sites include riverbed areas, fire damaged state parks and forests, erosion damaged and denuded hillsides. We also supply scouting troops and schools with seedlings for planting in their communities.

Currently, we replant approximately five trees for every tree we use. My hope is that many of these trees will remain for the enjoyment of future generations and that some will be harvested and utilized upon their maturity.

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