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Mikutowski Woodworking by Mike Mikutowski

Mikutowski Woodworking


by Mike Mikutowski
Handcrafted in Michigan

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Originally from Minnesota, Mike Mikutowski learned his appreciation for art and design from his father, an architect and his uncle, an impressionist painter. He began working in various mediums while still in high school. Having played hockey as a kid, his first venture of creating custom goalie masks became an international business. Working with the messy, itchy fiberglass in his parents' garage, Mike actually made the masks used by the 1984 U.S. Olympics Hockey Team. He began woodworking full-time in 1986. Mike and his family now live in the upper peninsula of Michigan where he designs and creates from his 7500 square foot studio with five skilled craftsmen helping him with production. Mike has published articles on woodworking and product design for Fine Woodworking and Weekend Woodworking Projects magazines.

When you look closely at Mike's beautiful work, it is apparent that he is a perfectionist and that he loves the engineering involved in designing and producing his pieces. He has several special designs that he says are so complicated that only he works on them. Mikutowski Woodworking is a small shop, employing a total of nine, including Mike's semi-retired father-in-law, his wife, Liz, and their dog Smokey who, Mike says, is the main supervisor!

Mikutowski Woodworking is committed to excellence in design, function and workmanship. Only the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods are used to insure consistency in the quality of these functional pieces. Each piece is thoroughly inspected before it leaves the shop and is packed with a wood description card.

”My inspiration comes from the natural world around us. I see shapes and designs wherever I go. I walk or ski in the woods every morning and I see new shapes in the world around me that are so gorgeous that I am inspired to try to make them work in the woodworking shop. Sometimes it takes a few years before I use a design or pattern that I have seen. I draw every day and save all of my drawings. It is fun to see where the designs originate, sometimes I am surprised at how long ago I sketched something.” - Mike Mikutowski

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