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Richard and Daniel Backer Metal

Richard and Daniel Backer


by Richard and Daniel Backer Metal
Handcrafted in Florida

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Backer Metal Work is a family-run company headquartered in Montrose, PA. Founded in 1994, by Richard Backer as Metal Minds the company originally operated from the family garage in East Stroudsburg, PA. In 1995, father and son joined forces and expanded the metal fabrication business. Within 5 years, they had expanded so much they needed an airport hangar of 6,000 square feet to handle their designing, fabricating and distribution of their metal art sculpture!

In the company's infancy, Richard was welding trees, barns and abstract wall sculpture in various colors. He and his wife Virginia traveled the East coast selling their metal one of a kind metal sculptures.

In 1995, when Daniel joined the team their art work expanded to include black metal wire sculpture. Due to Daniel being color blind he was more comfortable working with a black palate. For the following five years the Backer team refined their art work and added a whimsical flare to their designs.

By 2000, they were cutting their wall sculptures from flat sheets of steel and powder coating them black for indoor or outdoor use. Their wall sculpture hangs 1 1/2 inches off the wall giving it a cool three dimensional shadow effect!

Warner Brothers even noticed their unique style of art work and picked it up to create crowd favorites such as Batman, Tasmanian Devil, and Pepe & Penelope!

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  • Richard and Daniel Backer Metal Wall Art Artcraft Online
  • Richard and Daniel Backer Metal Wall Art Artcraft Online
  • Richard and Daniel Backer Metal Wall Art Artcraft Online