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Robert Hargrave

Robert Hargrave


by Robert Hargrave
Handcrafted in Florida

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Since 1973, Robert Hargrave has been laminating and carving sheets of plywood into graceful and fluid forms. Birch and Lauan plywood, which are high-grade imports of contrasting colors are glued together, the black lines between the veneers become elements of the design.

”My work is about the contradiction between plywood's negative image and the unique and distinctive results that are achieved. Rather than try to hide the plywood with paint or stain, my goal is to bring out the natural beauty of the wood with fine sanding and a clear finish.

I began working with plywood while an art student at the University of Florida. After graduation, I lived in Boston for several years developing a market for my work. I moved to the country of upstate New York when the need to expand my business was necessary. In 1995, I moved back to Florida and settled in the artists' community of Railroad Square in Tallahassee.” -Robert Hargrave

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