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Spunky Fluff Kristen Bangs Whimsical Wood SIgns

Spunky Fluff


by Kristen Bangs
Handcrafted in Colorado

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Classic story. Girl meets Corporation, falls in love with income, benefits and lifestyle, and completely forgets to be true to herself.

I worked in marketing for 15 years, traveling the world dreaming up new products and better ways to make someone feel desperate to own them. And for about 12 of those years, I loved what I was doing.

Until I fell in love with a human – a really nice guy in fact. And the love of that man changed everything. Through the good fortune of marriage and motherhood I made the case that I couldn’t possibly keep regular business hours and what I really should do is go to art school.

Which is what I did. Thank you incredibly supportive and also very jealous husband. I tried my hand at as many mediums as I could. I made some disastrous art and truly unmentionable craft. But I also had a lot of fun. Which is when I started to believe in my creative vision – something I wasn’t even sure I had. I dropped the baggage and insecurities that were holding me back, assumed a very “nontraditional student art-school angst” and stopped judging myself. Art school was awesome. Since that time, I’ve developed a funny little way of making curiously cut wood signs and wall art that reflects my love of color. I still love my oil paints, pencils and kneaded erasers, but cannot get enough of wood.

I created Spunky Fluff in 2011 and it’s been a race to create since then. Spunky Fluff signs are now available in over 50 galleries of fine American craft and boutiques across the United States.

We're a small company of three artisans who toil away in the girliest woodworking shop in Denver, Colorado. We work close to our kids' schools and our homes so we can put the most important parts of our lives first.

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  • Spunky Fluff Kristen Bangs Whimsical Wood SIgns Artcraft Online
  • Spunky Fluff Kristen Bangs Whimsical Wood SIgns Artcraft Online
  • Spunky Fluff Kristen Bangs Whimsical Wood SIgns Artcraft Online