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Studio Vertu


by Mark Schmidt
Handcrafted in Kentucky


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Studio Vertu’s success story began in 1995, when owner Mark Schmidt developed the concept of the Lightweight Fresco Tile. Promoting the product as an alternative to permanently mounted marble tiles or hand-painted mural, Mark captured the attention of The National Football League Headquarters in New York City. This project continues to be Studio Vertu’s single largest installation.

While the large jobs were great, they proved to be slow in the making. An idea to develop marble coasters soon came to the board as a means of creating sales. In the spring of 1995, Studio Vertu introduced 10 sets of Italian Marble Coasters, each consisting of four different images! Soon after an 8-inch marble trivet, an 8-inch marble clock and 2-inch marble magnets were introduced, voila, a product line was born!

Today, as always, Studio Vertu is consistently working on NEW and different products to add to our line. Our goal is provide our customers with a high quality product at the best price possible. We are committed to customer service and customer support. Studio Vertu, established in 1995, is still proud to be the “Original”! We are not just your coaster company anymore! Studio Vertu, all others are just an imitation.