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Union Street Glass

Union Street Glass


by Union Street Glass
Handcrafted in California

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Guy Corrie, designer, glassblower, and master craftsperson, with the help of his wife and business partner Leanne, carved out their vision for a contemporary art glass studio, and Union Street Glass was born in 1980. By fusing innovative design concepts with old world glassblowing techniques, Guy, Leanne, and their studio continue to forge new interest in and appreciation for their unique art form.

Through his commitment to creating fresh innovations and his obsession with hand blown glass, Union Street Glass has grown from a tiny 600 square foot studio into a 10,000 square foot studio in Richmond, CA. Guy works with a small team of skilled artists who create our home accessories, lamps, and light fixtures here in the studio. Together they produce about thirty pieces per day. We are still a small family of ten employees, which ensures that each of us works toward our commitment to quality, and that the pieces you purchase from us were made with loving care.

Over the years, we have developed a sister production team in the Czech Republic's community of Bohemian Glass blowers. After years of producing stemware in house, our Bohemian partners have exceeded the stemware skills we developed here and drastically improved the quality of our stemware. Guy explains, 'They demonstrate the commitment to quality and detail I require of all my designs that wear the Union Street Glass mark. I personally train the artisans to create my designs, but usually discover I learn as much as I teach. These glassblowers have a 200 year tradition in mouth blown glass, passed down from generation to generation. Our partnership has allowed us to maintain our commitment to quality.'

Both Guy and Leanne grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they have always been inspired by the natural, urban, and human elements of this special region. Since Guy discovered the art of glass blowing, he has been dedicated to promoting the art and supporting the movement throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Union Street Glass has become a strong foundation for the Bay Area glass community, and continues to be a driving force in both the American Craft Market, Tabletop, Interior Design, and Lighting industries. Guy's award winning designs have been seen in many prestigious galleries and museums in the United States and abroad. We strive to create contemporary glass art that is as functional as it is beautiful, that is cherished as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

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